Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Top Five Favourite Things About James' Diabetes:

1. What we call "diabetes legs", basically where James is starting to go low and a little stressed, maybe I don't let him get to his sugary snacks, and if he's lying down he will start to alternate pushing his legs backward and forward down on the bed. Normally when this happens he is laughing, due to a mix of trying to deal with the issue and realising what he is doing is weird.
2. The paranoia. Questions such as 'do I have anything to be worried about?' 'are we ok?' and 'is there an atmosphere?' normally means it's low time.
3. The fact his eyes look black as a vampires when he's low. Pretty creepy if you look at them for too long, but a great way to tell he needs a mars bar or two.
4. Queue jumping at Thorpe Park! Pretty self explanatory. However, you do have to stand with other people classed as disabled in the "special queue". Top marks to the guy who worked there that made sure James was "having a nice day" in a patronising tone! Just because his pancreas doesn't work, don't feel sorry him!
5. The idea that one day James might go so hypoglycaemic that I have to rub jam on his gums, and carrying around sachets of sugar in my pockets. It's a motherly thing I think.

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  1. He gets queue jump at Thorpe park? Man he's more useful than I thought.