Sunday, 25 April 2010

A loose transcription of James' low that happened today:

"Can you help me?....small ears.."
(I laugh)
"You look like a devil or something"
(I start writing these down)
"Can you not use that pen, I was going to use it"
-Long pause-
"I was gonna say just 'cos you've got frog's tents on your arms, doesn't mean you can't get me something sweet...but then I realised it doesn't make sense"
(We both laugh)
"Yeah, bull frogs. A bull frog tent design on your upper arm...shoulder"
"My head's swaying"
(I tell James that if he wants help he's going to have to be quiet so I can stop writing)
"But if I can't complain you won't know the pain"
(I laugh and tell him that rhymed)
-Long pause-
"If I'm quiet I might end up on a diet"
"I don't feel well and no one cares"

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