Monday, 1 February 2010

Stage 6. Begging.

The honey has crystallised. James keeps repeating the words 'crystallised' and 'crystalline'. He realises he now needs a knife to get to the honey. "Please! Pass me a knife..*gasps and gets a knife out of his rucksack* I found it on the floor, it's probably better to use this one *talking about an eggy knife from breakfast, still in the room* Let's get it over with *James licks knife to try and get it clean* It's got tom sauce".

By now I have a pen and paper, writing down everything James is saying. He begins to beg me to wash his knife, offering me at first £1, then £2. I tell him he'll have to stop talking because everything he says is making me laugh.

I go and wash the knife.

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